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A Course of Pure Mathematics: Centenary Edition | Mathematical Association of America

You will never feel bored by mathematical symbols. Instead you will find nice English paragraphs explaining all the concepts to you. I really wonder why don't other authors also follow the same style. And I also feel disgusted by the lack of proofs in many books on calculus.

A Course of Pure Mathematics Centenary Edition

It is the proofs which clarify your concepts and not the problems at the end of the chapter. As an aside let me tell you the interesting story about how I got hold of this book in the first place. Some time around when I was 16 years of age, my father happened to be the member of a technical library in his workplace.

And this library was open only to the employees and not to their children. My father wasn't any good in technical subjects but he had become a member only to get good books for me.

Terminated decimals - A Course of Pure Mathematics

Since he didn't know much about technical books, I told him to get books at random from each of the sections dedicated to physics, chemistry and mathematics. By my great luck, one of these random selections led me to this great classic "A Course of Pure Mathematics".

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At that time I was in 11th grade and I did not know about the author G. Hardy there was no internet access available and Google was yet to come, so books and teachers were the only source of any knowledge. Moreover the book did not have any introduction about the author. Even his qualification was not mentioned.

Third Edition

But when I started reading the book I felt that the author must be a knowledgeable guy. Only much later in my college I came to know that this author turned out to be a great mathematician of the century and I also came to know about his Indian connection with Ramanujan. I now feel that there was no need of mentioning his qualification in the book.

The name of the author itself was enough. A Short Course in Discrete Mathematics. A Critique of Pure Tolerance. Of Course a Goat.

A course of pure mathematics

Recommend Documents. A Course in Pure Mathematics Unibooks Understanding Pure Mathematics Your name. Close Send. Remember me Forgot password? I found a book by the only other mathematising Perfect I know of at Westwood. Great place! Maybe this could become a series of posts? Nothing taxing, then. Hence show how to determine any number of right-angled triangles the lengths of all of whose sides are rational.

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Now for the triangles. Conversely, any such rational number can be expressed, and in one way only, as a terminated decimal. Filed in practice. Are you a professor or a mere student?

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